There be two kind of people

…them that scout, and them that don’t.

I went to girl scouts overnight camp during middle school. I didn’t yet know that it wasn’t cool to be in scouts and I was proud to be a cadette. I wore my uniform to school once per week and actually of dreamed of being a Senior.

…them that itch up,

At camp, we cleared brush in an area in front of the a fence. I was clearing away when a girl suddenly yelled poison ivy! When I looked, she was pointing at me. But this wasn’t ‘leaves of three’. The girl next to me looked at her hands. They had started itching…but she was so focused she ignored them. They were hot pink now…and little pimples were appearing.

…and them that don’t

I was unaffected.

In Jamaica, we eat mangoes, with the skin. Not all the time…but knowing the skin to be edible..if you have no knife, you peel with your teeth. And if you have no trash near by, you might as well eat the skin.

…them that eat mango skin,

My best friend from preschool looked at me in horror as I proceeded to eat a mango in front of her.

“You are full of interesting surprises!”

..and them that don’t

She was from the Caribbean. So this was strange…I knew Americans think mango skin eating was strange…but I just thought…you know…that we Islanders…we’re you know…kinda the same. Other than I’m from the Big Island…if you know what I mean.

…them that got big ole brains

Well you see, I had learned that urushiol was the thing that made poison oak rash causing. Urushiol was in mango skin. So I just assumed that was the reason that in middle school, I didn’t swell up like the rest of the troop.

…and them that don’t

I think they thought it was because I was black.

…them that itch up

I wasn’t exempt from the itches. Later on my unknown cocoa bean sensitivity turned into a full blown puffy eye and big lip chocolate allergy.

…and them that think way too much

And a lot of my big ole brain conclusions just don’t apply to real life. Sometimes life just gives you sour mangoes. And sometimes you sprinkle salt on it and eat them up skin and all. And sometimes you peel them cut them up, add some spice and make chutney….or add yogurt and honey and make mango lassi…or water and sugar and make mango-ade…